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Power Of Prayer

Power Of Prayer

Greetings! and welcome you all on this wonderful day!

As we meet today, let us unite in the spirit of peace, remembering that we are all beings with the power to love Let us take a moment to center ourselves in that place within, where we can feel our divinity. There is a sacred sanctuary within. When we go there we feel free, completely loving and joyful. When we go there we feel divinely connected to each other and to the Universe. This is the goal of Meditation. Let’s continue our sacred journey in earnest towards our “Pilgrimage to self”.

PRAYER is one’s way of conversing with GOD. We use certain reverent words and direct all conscious thoughts towards the Supreme Being. By means of prayer, we can reach a domain where reason cannot go. It is that calm and spiritual area, where one finds oneself, after spending a few minutes in worshipping the Divine. Prayer is a very subtle powerful force.

In the midst of our busy hurried life, there are some moments each day, when we stop all our other activities to turn our mind and focus, even if it is for five minutes, towards God, the Divine.

Prayer is not just something recited aloud; it is something to do with the mind too. But before that we must cleanse our heart of all ill feelings, sins and wrong thoughts. Then only our communion with God can begin. In order to do that first we must have faith in God and must believe in serving our fellow men. Then we will be conscious of the presence of God within ourselves.
Prayer can be in any from. It can be physical, in the form of elaborate ceremonies; it can be verbal which involves recitation of holy verses according to the religion one follows. It can also be just a recitation of the divine names. Prayer can be silent. It can also be personal, unpremeditated and the words used informal. Prayer can be done alone as in one’s prayer room or with a group in the common place of worship. It can be done kneeling, standing or sitting or lying down.

Prayer purifies the mind, cleanses the soul. It fixes the wandering mind and we become more in control of our thoughts. It makes us think beyond the cycle of birth and death. It helps us to become detached enough to view pain and pleasure equanimously. Desires go. A person becomes fearless. We are no longer in a state of illusion. Peace of mind is achieved. Love is developed towards all. Man is united mentally with the Divine.

Prayer leads us into a period of meditation, where all the cares of this world are set aside. Stress and tensions are reduced, we gain spiritual strength. Our overall health improves and we live longer. This purging of the soul is an exhilarating experience.

The power of prayer is inexpressible. It should be done with a strong belief and a heart full of dedication. There is no pointarguing if the entire thing is rational or not. During this personal communication with God, you draw energy and power from the Divine. Prayer doesn’t have to be in high-flown words. What matters is expression from the bottom of your heart. With a regular time of praying, you will gradually find your mind becoming tranquil. You will notice your life and routine patterned in a very positive way, so choose the time that suits you. It can be early in the morning or in the evening at dusk when it is time to light the lamps. Utter a little prayer everyday. Let it become a part and parcel of your life.

Observe the events of the day carefully as they unfold and try to understand the significance of each event. Life is our greatest teacher and guide. Learn to see the lessons and rewards that the universe sends you every day. Open your eyes!

Have a divine day in the company of each other. Know that I will be thinking of you and sending my love.

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