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JYM- Jin Yoga Meditation

JYM- Jin Yoga Meditation

JYM- Jin Yoga Meditation

NOTE : ONLY Offered at Center For Sustainable Happiness Locations.

Jin Yoga Meditation creates within you a complete sense of well being.

JYM is based on group Instructions & individual interactions to provide mastery level learning of a well integrated system of knowledge. It leads you to a state of consciousness that brings serenity, clarity, and bliss in your life. You will learn the tools to keep Healthy, Heal your mind, & discover ways to live Harmoniously in any environment.

General, Special and Specific Modules of Asanas, Mudras, Breathing techniques, Mudra Pranayama, DCM and DHM Meditations, Sadhana Modules and understanding of Food & Fasting are designed to meet the needs of individuals, based on their specific body types temperament and body constitution.

JIN Yoga Meditation lays strong emphasis on Mudra Pranayama, the Science of Breath. Breath is life and life is breath. Breathing has a spiritual dimension. Breath is the key to the mystery of life. Breathing is not only an instinctive reflex to satisfy the need of the body for oxygen but consciously modified breathing can be used as a technique for enhancing mental and physical powers. Modification of breath has been applied to heal wounds and cure diseases, to prolong life and to achieve altered states of consciousness.

During the last few years a large number of different relaxation and meditation techniques have been introduced in the West. Most of them owe a great deal to yoga and Eastern traditions in which conscious modification as well as meditative natural breathing plays a prominent role. The conscious yogic practices affects and controls autonomic nervous system and this system regulates the secretion of adrenaline, thyroxin and other hormones of the body. The secretions of these hormones play a major role in creating one’s emotional states. By learning to affect changes in the autonomic nervous pattern, one can modify autonomic arousal and modulate subsequent levels of emotionality.

Inadequate respiration produces anxiety, irritability and tension. The breath forms a bridge between the conscious and unconscious. Our breathing pattern expresses our inner situation. Emotions such as anger, depression and fear all have their characteristic patterns of irregular breathing. When one is angry, one tends to hold the breath after inhaling, while depression is often characterized by deep sighs and long pauses after exhalations. Through yogic breathing you learn to consciously alter your breathing and thus your emotional state.

Take your own Pilgrimage to Self… Now!
Learning and Practicing JIN Yoga Meditation may prove to be the key to vast and virtually untouched treasure house of Inner potential we all possess

JIN Yoga Meditation is based on group instructions & individual interactions to provide mastery level learning of a well integrated system of knowledge that leads to a state of consciousness that brings serenity, clarity and bliss. You will learn the tools to keep Healthy, Heal your mind & discover ways to live Harmoniously in any environment, thus creating a complete sense of well being within you. Jinendra, a teacher, spiritual guide and personal life coach to many travels across the globe.
He travels from New York to Alaska, across Egypt, East Africa, India, Nepal, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore conducting retreats, classes and workshops on JIN Yoga

 Meditation for corporate managers, health care professionals, therapists, teachers, artists, parents and others.


  JYM-0    JYM Introductory Program

JIN-0    JYM Awareness program
A 45 Minutes presentation that exposes you through information, demonstration and actual practice an overview of ‘What is JYM’? It will allow organizations, groups and individuals to select the level & right modules from the entire course content.

JYM-1    Health & Well-Being Modules (6 Classes / 2 hrs each)

 JIN-1    Pranic Breathing (1 Class)
Start with a series of exercises to understand and know your breath, how it affects your body and mind, by the end of the class you will have learned how to harness universal Life energy (Prana) to rejuvenate your body & mind. 
JIN-2    Mudra Pranayama (3 Classes)
The class starts with practice of Pranic Breathing, learning some sitting postures (asanas) for practicing Mudra pranayama and then one embarks on the journey of learning to move Prana to various parts of our body. After learning three sectional breathing exercises, you move on to a set of six mudra pranayama and master the art of subtle prana control. 
JIN-3    Mudra’s for Well-Being (2 Classes)

Learn to combine your knowledge of Prana, Chakras, Pranic Breathing, Mudra Pranayama, with Tatva yoga. This unique amalgamation of ancient wisdom, combines knowledge of physiology, nerve channels (nadis), Prana and the science of elements. The stress is on actual practice of several mudra exercises conducive for meditation and developing intuition, energy, gentleness, humbleness, fearlessness, improved concentration, vitality and joy.

JYM – II      Meditation Modules (4 Classes of 2 hrs each) 
JIN-4    Meditation I
You will learn some yogic kriyas, some stress busters techniques, some centering meditation, and a guided ‘Divine Breath Meditation’ (DBM)- will take you into the depth of your soul. 
JIN-5    Meditation II
The class starts with a guided meditation. It will remove your fears and doubts about meditation. Whether you are a beginner or a regular practitioner you will gain some more insights and learn all about postures, mudras, how to begin /end meditation, when, where, how, why meditate, physical and psychological benefits of meditation. 
JIN-6    Meditation III
The skills you have learned in Meditation II will now be combined with Divine Heart Meditation (DHM). By the end of the class you will be ready to start a regular practice of DHM at your home. This Meditation if practiced regularly leads to opening of heart center and gradually transforms the ego, bringing divinity in your daily life. Regular practice opens up opportunities for you to discover love afresh. 
JIN-7     Meditation IV

The skills you have learned in Meditation II will now be combined with Divine Cleansing Meditation (DCM), a process which leads to creating a sacred space within you to let divinity arise. As you start your regular practice you will experience more optimism, increased acceptance and more awareness of Life. The process removes negativities, impurities, and darkness from your conscious and subconscious mind.

The class concludes by reviewing all that you have learned in Meditation I, II, III, when to practice DHM, and DCM and how it is weaved together as an organic whole. Weaving DHM and DCM in your daily life brings about an effortless shift in your mundane perception. You progress spiritually and experience less stress while continuing your activities in the mundane life.

JYM-III    Moments in Eternity   “AnuPreksha” (4 classes 2 hrs each)

“AnuPreksha” which means “Reflections” is a process to observe oneself.

It takes you through a series of practices which takes your mind from gross to subtle. This module is a journey into Awareness. It prepares you through direct experience to embark on a regular practice.

JIN-8     Meditation V
JIN-9     Meditation VI
JIN-10   Meditation VII
JIN-11   Meditation VIII




JYM-IV    “Pilgrimage to Self” – Advance Practices  (weekends and 4/6/8 weeks)

JIN-12    Pilgrimage to Self – Module 1 (4/6/8 weeks options)
It’s custom-designed module after individual consultation. Jinendra’s gift for understanding and perceiving your strengths and needs will enable him to carefully create, design, teach and guide your practice at the pace and appropriate level . He will help with your specific issues to deepen your practice.
JIN-13    Pilgrimage to Self – Module 2
Short Retreats (1 full day, or 2 days 1 night) for those desiring to fine tune their practices after participating in any of the modules JYM 1, JYM 2 or JYM 3 and also receive personal instructions & guidance from Jinendra.
JIN-14    Pilgrimage to Self – Module 3
Advanced Level / Nature based retreats for practicing & experiencing (not simply learning skills or techniques as in class). Learning happens as you share your personal journey with other meditators, supporting each other, combining practice and theory as you progress towards discovering the ultimate meditation, “WAKING Meditation”.
Module 3 will let you Relax, Rejuvenate, Realize and Discover :

After JYM-IV – Module 3A regular, consistent practice will let you explore the realm we call mind. You will discover that feelings, sensations, concepts, and perceptions come and go as they please, freeing the mind to do its dance without interference and control. Mind experiences freedom that leads to ‘Sustainable Happiness’

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