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a revolutionary  new paradigm  to harness the power of body-breath-brain-mind ecology

What will I learn?

The series of creatively designed classes of practical tools and techniques, proven movement and breathing exercises, meditation and re-framing will help you ‘Learn and Discover’ the missing link between Body-Breath-Brain-Mind. It’s a remarkable synthesis of the latest frontiers of neuroscience, psychology, physiology and the ancient Tai-chi, Qigong and Yogic tradition. Jinendra’s workshop and classes on “3S-The New Smart Science of Sustainable Happiness” brings to you a new paradigm on how the six element in your life – Food & Drink, Exercise & Rest, and Thinking & Breathing can foster your Pursuit of Health -Healing – Happiness. Know More…


Our Clients &Testimonials : Training is approved by Cardinal Stritch University, Madison Metropolitan School District, Neenah School District, Wholistic Stress Control Institute, Space Time Research Institute, Mary C O’keefe Cultural Center, Merriter Hospital, UW Madison & WI Association of Mediators, Well within Center for Yoga and Health, Ashe Arts and Cultural Center, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation School Board, etc. Know More…

Media Coverage :

On American TV – NBC, CBS & ABC. WORT-FM Radio, Capital Times, Edge Life Magazine, East Side News, The Indian / Down under Sydney, Hindustan Times, DNA Navi Mumbai, etc. Know More…


About Courses

With over 120 types of 3S Dynamic Movement Exercises, go ahead & experience the power of the 3S training system for managing Health-Healing and Happiness. 3S Core learning technology aims at early intervention by utilizing a dynamic  learning process that involves movement-based INTENTIONAL ACTIVITY. It’s this exposure that strengthens your understanding of the relationship between Breath, Movement, Emotions, Stress & Behavior. 3S is a dynamic, sustainable, user-centric, universal, and ‘non-violent’ training system, that activates the happiness circuit in your brain.

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Get in touch with us Sustainaible happiness is not destination or acquisition , it’s a journey.


Come, start your own  journey towards health, healing, happiness…


Wellness for life!


S.M.A.R.T. features of 3S Training

Strong fudamentals

Incoporates latest scientific research

Strong fudamentals3s training incorporated latest frontiers of neuroscience, psychology, physiology and the ancient wisdom of the east to create strong foundation for conscious learning and leaving

Measurable goals

One on one interaction

Measurable goalsStudent-Instructor one-on-one interaction during training provides measurable goals

Advanced training

Intensive experiential training

Advanced trainingAdvanced level exercises are built in the various levels of student training

Reachable goals

Overall learning exposure

Reachable goalsReachable challenging goals provide overall learning and life changing experiences

Time bound training

Planned curriculum

Time bound trainingOur time bound training is created and developed by Jinendra from over 3 decade of teaching experience

Task oriented

Specific task based activities

Task oriented3s training focused on overall learning experience as students focus on specific task based activities

Experiential learning

Security, Survival and Self esteem

Experiential learningStudents are exposed to live experimentation and learning from practical-action that help create positive emotions and learning to transcend issues related to security, survival, & self esteem in their lives

Focus on details

Customized and Indivijualised

Focus on details3s training specializes in focusing on minute details of all aspects of the students life style-food, drinks, exercise, rest, thinking and breathing

Student focused

Training can be used at home/work/profession

Student focusedOur training use simple and east to understand instructions for physiological and emotional self management

Multi media

Use of videos, power-points and screencasts

Multi mediaOur training uses multi media during training to help students apply 3s at any place and in any situation that arises and causes stress and behaviour issues

Event based

Live interactions with other students

Event basedVarious live events and webinar are organized in the course for an overall leaning experience

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