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It was a serendipitous meeting of minds when two birds of passage in the quest of Self converged on each other virtually – on the net – and struck an instant rapport, one traveling thousands of miles for a union.

When Sydneysider Anil Sharma, a well- known author of several books on divine Journey and an ardent follower of Sri Ramana Maharshi, was looking for material on his guide for a website (which was launched on January 7, 2007), he accidentally came across some brilliant poems by Sri Jinendra – “Circle of desire” and “Divine Awareness My Inner Guru” that had an experience and deep understanding of truth in the form of inner peace. It struck an instant chord & fired a desire to meet.


In Jinendra, Anil Sharma found a willing partner in pursuit of the Self as Jinendra accepted his invitation and arrived in Sydney in January.
Earlier, Jinendra was a top-level executive, having received a blue ribbon education with engineering degrees from the US. On returning to India he established the world’s third largest ColorMotion LCD Animated Displays manufacturing company. He became the first Indian to receive the Industrial Scholar Award from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, USA, the Parkhe Industrial Award for Excellence from MCCI and Rotary’s Excellence Award.

But around 1991, at the height of his professional and business success, he began to shun the outward accolades and material success to seek the wisdom and knowledge of an inward spiritual pilgrim. Jinendra retired from business at the relatively young age of 40, and Self-search became a full-time occupation. In 1995, his first

book ‘Pilgrimage to Self – a Pathway to Sustainable Happiness’ was published and was followed by Maxims of Happiness, Conscious Life Design, A to Z pocket card series, and in `06, the 3S-The New Science of Happiness.

Presently, he is engaged in proactive mentoring of various social, cultural, wellness research and education organizations that promote all branches of ‘Alternative Integrated Health and Wellness Management Systems’ both in India and the USA.
“My life’s focus centers totally on teaching and sharing tools and knowledge for Self discovery and Sustainable Happiness. I have synthesized all my teachings into a holistic physiological and emotional self-management wellness system, now known as 3S-Smart Learning System-Pathway to Happiness. The program is conceived, designed, and developed to help both children and adults learn how to shift their energy and re-structure their brain dynamics to discover and learn Self-managing tools for transcending 3-‘S’ issues: Security, Survival, and Self- esteem. From there follows the experience of the 4’S’ -Serenity, Self-Awareness, Stress reduction, Sustainable Happiness,” Jinendra, says.

Since his arrival in Sydney, he has been busy with a series of evening meditation, satsangs and spiritual get-togethers, which people are hosting in their homes, inviting their friends to interact and share and to learn how to attain sustainable
happiness. The simplicity projected by Jinendra is extremely appealing not only to the adults but also to youth and children.
In his satsangs, Jinendra gives simple tools which can be easily used in day to day activities to maintain a state of inner peace. His simple expressions like “DARE – to live” brings out the power of being Defenseless (humble), that is, not to be obstinate about one’s own point of view; Acceptance of the moment and taking Responsibility for own happiness; and living with others with vanished Ego.
Jinendra communicates at the level of the individual and never imposes his own thoughts and views. Some of the Meditations he conducts are simple and easy to follow, but bring the followers close to experiencing the state of Divine Awareness.
The recent establishment of Maharishi Centre of Learning in Sydney under the guidance of Anil Sharma is to make aspirants more aware in regard to Ramana’s teaching. The website is linked with Ramana Ashram and other living devotees who have been working continuously in enlightening sincere aspirants of his teachings and finding the truth in attaining the happiness and uninterrupted “bliss”.


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