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East side schools leading vanguard for

3S Smart Learning in Madison

Schools in the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) east attendance are as are leading the way for other MMSD schools when it comes to embracing learning and immediately implementing the cutting-edge learning practice/ process of 3S-Smart Learning System (for Survival, Security and Self-esteem).

Hardly a year since its inception and pilot in fall of 2006 at Lowell Elementary School, about 30 teachers from Lake View, Lowell, Lincoln, Sherman Middle, East High, Hamilton, Muir, and Pioneer School have experienced 3S teacher training, under the tutelage of Jinendra Kothari, creator and teacher trainer for 3S. These teachers recognize the need for behavior management techniques that don’t solely depend on talk and are not cognitively based. Recommended in March 2006 by WI State Superintendent of Public Instruction Elizabeth Burmaster, 3S is a powerful tool for positively effecting classroom behavior and for providing students with strategies for staying Above the Line and inculcating life-long wellness practices.

3S is aimed at early intervention. 3S utilizes the dynamic learning practice/process, and is a multi-directional learning experience in which education occurs teacher-to teacher, teacher to student, and student-to-student.

When students teach other students, and immediately use/reuse what is being learned, it seems there is a 90% retention rate of what they learn about 3S. Lowell experienced yet another dimension of knowledge acquisition: student-to-parent/s/sibs, the students passing on their knowledge to their parents and then parents requested the 3S training!

3S offers many tools and techniques that teach pathways to health, academic performance, behavior competence, positive relationship and stress management. A group 3S class allows children to interact, communicate, and relate to each other: they get to share, play, and work together learning how to listen, follow instructions, manage frustrations and anger, and resolve conflict peacefully.

3S is not just about physical and mental fitness; it’s all about self-knowledge, awareness and insight into one’s importance within the learning community, family, workplace, and society. Jinendra was born in Bombay (Mumbai), and was a global wellness activist and educator exposed to the holistic benefits of movement exercise, breath power and rejuvenation techniques since early childhood. Jinendra has dedicated his life to self-search and holistic wellness practices of mind, body and spirit that leads to sustained happiness. Jinendra is engaged in proactive mentoring of various social, cultural, wellness research and educational organizations that promote branches of “Alternative Integrated Health and Wellness Management Systems.” represents a synthesis of all his teachings into a holistic physiological and emotional self-management system.

Feedback locally from teachers, students and parents experiencing the benefits of 3S is positive: Dee Spolum, a third-grade master level teacher said, “I cannot imagine teaching without 3S. It is a lifesaver in my personal life too!” Susan Hobart, a fourth-grade teacher at Lake View shared, “Restless energy in our curriculum-packed school days is a common occurrence, no matter how engaging the lesson. Using 3S, can observe the level of energy in the room, the dynamics and in a quick moment, break into a three-minute series of exercises that can dispel the negative energy, reactivate the brain and redirect their focus, even after lunch, recess even the last half hour of the day. 3S powerful tool in my teacher’s tool box, and I benefit, too, from leading the activity and reawakening my energy as I my way through the course of a day twenty two students.”

MMSD- and Cardinal Stritch University- approved, 3S teacher training classes have been announced by Dr. Jinendra Kothari (www.jinendra.com). School teachers can opt for 2.0 PAC from MMSD or 2.0 graduate credits from CSU. Registration is now open.

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