Power Of Meditation

Power Of Meditation

meditationhoAll the pleasure and pain we experience from worldly matters disturb us. We become restless. To really enjoy life, we must learn to harness the mind. Meditation is a powerful tool to harness mind. When we sit in absolute silence and are free from thought, we will feel enormous energy swell within us.

Meditation is, ‘Doing Nothing’. Nothing is done in this technique; even all thoughts are kept aside. We can feel the internal energy, and we become internally strong. The state of Meditation is the meeting point of the internal and external world. Meditation can be defined as our internal view, with no dimensions. It is achieved when no worldly thoughts come to mind. An inspector has to disassociate himself from the process of inspection. Similarly, during introspection of the mind, we automatically get disassociated from it and the process of Meditation begins. When we begin internal inspection without participating in it, the process of self‑realization begins in the  sub‑conscious state of mind,.

            Science proves facts about the external universe; Meditation explains the truth about the internal world. Scientific experiments are based on universal matter whereas Meditation analyses the internal world in which you are yourself the experiment, apparatus and scientist/investigator. Meditation is synonymous with alertness and consciousness; you become sense‑less. The person in Meditation even forgets the techniques learnt after long meditation. He may appear to be unconscious to his surroundings but is actually alert and conscious.

           Information got through Meditation is different from that gathered by the senses. The mind has no independent territory; it always carries the load of our own imagination. It does not innovate, it merely repeats old matters. As the process of Meditation begins, these activities of the mind stop. Internal deep sensing is set into motion and we are able to achieve something that cannot be got through the five senses. So Meditation is called the process of self‑realization.

           In Meditation, you don't have to believe in God. There could be doubts about the existence of God but not about your existence ‑ be' cause you exist. Then there is the question of life before birth and after death. You don't have to worry about all this in Meditation as it is not concerned with this subject ‑ it is a practical process through which you can attain enlightenment. The mind is fickle. But with Meditation, you can learn to live with the present moment. Then, issues related to life before birth and after death lose their meaning. You will even forget about the existence of this temporary body. Glowing with the inner light, you will realize that you are a part of the immortal, invincible Almighty.

           In our daily lives, we busy ourselves with chores; so we don't have time to get to know ourselves. Meditation helps us to gain more self‑knowledge. It can take us to a state of deep tranquility. With Meditation, you journey inwards, reaching the epicenter of the internal world. The body is merely the outer shell. During Meditation the state of the body ‑with or without senses does not matter.

            Meditation is process to enjoy the present. We are often lost either in past memories or in an imaginary future. We’re never ‑in the present. We are bound by the activities of the mind and Meditation relieves us from all bondage. Meditation repeatedly teaches us to live in the present with lots of peace and mental bliss.

            Spiritual practices have a definite curative influence on the ailing. During meditation one breathes deeply, maintains correct posture and empties the mind, making it free of all clutter and anxiety. This creates the right climate for the body's receptivity to further treatment. Research has confirmed that if the patients mind cooperates with the medicine and treatment given by doctor, then healing is faster and more efficient. Mind your mind and the body will fall in line.

            A mind absorbed in meditation is not perturbed by jealousy, dejection, grief, nor by miseries born of passions. When you start meditation past Karmas are released, the fire of Meditation destroys heaps of Karmas in a moment as does a spark of fire burn heaps of dry grass in a moment. When such past karmas are released one must be in meditation, to burn the past karmas – that is  to remain Equanimous – in a state where the mind is devoid of attachment or aversion. But if one gets involved through attachment or aversion, as these karmas are released then you build gordian knots instead. So remain alert and aware – remain equanimous!!