Nothing Happens By Chance

Nothing Happens By Chance


Greetings! and welcome you all on this wonderful day!

As we meet today, let us unite in the spirit of peace, remembering that we are all beings with the power to love. When we love we create an atmosphere that is safe, peaceful and sacred. Such an atmosphere supports those who are weak and becomes a source of healing energy to the community. Let our gift, to each other and the community, be he sacred gift of love that comes from our hearts.

As we begin each day let us remember that we operate in an intelligent universe governed by the Law of Cause and Effect, or Karma. Nothing in our universe happens by chance. Every event has meaning, and if we look carefully it will tell us a story. The thoughts that come to mind, the people we meet, the events that unfold can give us a good idea of where we are and how to move forward.If we are self-aware, for example, when we start our day we will realize that the thoughts that come to mind would be the ones telling us what we have been mentally and emotionally occupied with recently. This shows you where your heart is. This shows you what takes priority in your mental world.

For example, if you start your day thinking negative thoughts about someone you may attract people with negative thinking around you. Negative thinking may then lead to negative situations. You have the power in that moment to transform your thinking positively if you recognize what is happening in your inner world. We need to be selective in the thoughts we keep. When we think positively we attract such people and situations around us. We should always start our day with positive thinking.

As you begin your day can you see that each person you meet is a divine occurrence? Can you see that the universe has sent that person to you for a reason? Can you see that that is the person you deserve to meet in that moment by divine law? If you can…you have the opportunity to act in a way that can bring harmony and growth and make the interaction fulfilling. How can you help that person or work with them in a mutually fulfilling way? This is what should guide your actions.

Observe the events of the day carefully as they unfold and try to understand the significance of each event. Life is our greatest teacher and guide. Learn to see the lessons and rewards that the universe sends you every day. Open your eyes!
Have a divine evening in the company of each other. Know that I will be thinking of you and sending my love.

May all of you enjoy Real peace, Real happiness, and Real harmony.