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Instructor: Jinendra Kothari, Director-Center for Sustainable Happiness, Madison, WI;

Adjunct Faculty – Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, WI

Meriter Hospital: Community Health Education Center- Spring/Summer/Fall 2008

Bio: Author, teacher, spiritual guide, personal coach, &

dedicated "global pilgrim" from Poona, India, r Email:

Phone: 650-576-1421


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1. Divine Cleansing Meditation – Cost: $20.00
This meditation is the perfect way to end your day. It is a simple process to release negative thoughts such as loneliness, fears, anxieties, self-doubts, and other unhealthy feelings that may have accumulated during daily interactions. Learn to replace these experiences with cleansing and transformative energy that creates greater optimism, increased acceptance and richer vitality to your life. Please bring along a mat to lie on.

2. Divine Heart Meditation – Cost: $20.00
This is a great jump-start to one's day! Divine Heart Meditation is practiced early in the morning, and if done regularly, leads to opening of the heart center, filling you with positive energy, more connection, tolerance and joy. This meditation helps arrest negative thoughts, emotions and perceptions and helps to ground you in heart energy, so feelings of abundance and love are rediscovered. Please bring along a mat to lie on.

3. Exercise and Relaxation Techniques for Children – Cost: $20.00Channel the boundless energy of your child. This innovative, new, child-friendly approach to wellness for ages 8 and above is based on Self-esteem, Survival and Security – the 3S System. This simplified, fun to learn, and effective approach teaches self-calming exercises to release pent-up energy, and to reduce destructive behavior and conflict. Your child will learn how to relax before and during tests, create more positive responses, improve motivation, develop greater focus and relaxation, and blossom into a happy child. Wear loose, comfortable clothing; bring water bottle and mat

4. Family Exercise: Wellness for All – Cost: $10.00This innovative approach to wellness for the whole family is based on Self-esteem, Survival and Security – the 3S System. A simple 'DO-IT' system that teaches how to manage your bio-energy for increased vitality, improved immunity, less stress, more focus, relaxation, and more positive family dynamics. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle and mat.

5. JIN Dynamic 3S System: Self-esteem, Survival & Security – Cost: $45.00
UNLIKE ANY OTHER FORM OF YOGA, TAI CHI, CHIGONG OR MOVEMENT based training, This class offers complete training for life. The JIN Dynamic 3S system combines the latest scientific, mind-body research. You will learn a simple series of movements and breathing that takes you through 51 uniquely designed exercises that massage internal organs and properly realign joints and muscles. JIN Dynamic 3S creates meditative states while toning your entire nervous system for sustainable health, healing and happiness. Wear loose, comfortable clothing; bring water bottle and mat. Lunch is on your own.
Additional Notes: Lunch is on your own. Please bring a water bottle and a mat. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

6. Senior Pain Relief Workshop – Cost: $15.00
Discover the mechanism by which you can unlock the mysteries of health and healing. This innovative approach to wellness is based on Self-esteem, Survival and Security – the 3S System that teaches how to reduce bodily pain while increasing immunity, rejuvenation, relaxation, joy and restful sleep. Wear loose, comfortable clothing; bring water bottle and mat.

7. Pathway to Sustainable Happiness – Cost: $50.00
This daily, morning series offers an ongoing transformational process through a well-integrated system of meditation, yoga, breath work, and mudras (combination of specific fingers, hand, and body movements). Daily practice creates a cumulative effect that can alter mood, attitude, perception, concentration, and awareness, and can integrate our life force to restore peaceful balance at all levels of our being. These classes are appropriately paced, simple, and interactive, combining theory and understanding with repeated practice and ease in learning.

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