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3S Healing Foods & Vegetarian Cooking

3S Healing Foods & Vegetarian Cooking




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Dear Reader, explore this book for the many actions you can take now to remain independent, vital and strong all your life. This book will raise your awareness and understanding of :

  1. Current research on smart Foods, Spices & Sprouts for Super Health.
  2. Applying Ayurvedic knowledge for balancing your energy based on your body-type (obese/thin) and body constitution.
  3. Applying principles of STM-Space-Time-Motion a new paradigm, that considers your body type withfood, water intake, weather, walking, sleeping, and massage for optimum health.
  4. Applying principles of body chemistry (pH content) by understanding relationships between Diet (alkaline/acidic food, protein, carbohydrates, salts, minerals, vitamins) – Exercise – Thinking (stress) and Breath.
  5. Proven Stress buster techniques to increase immunity and get additional advantage from what you eat.
  6. How foods affects your moods ? How to shift moods by eating mood friendly foods ?
  7. Type of foods : How Comfort foods, cholesterol lowering foods, immune building foods, energy foods can fight free radicals, inflammation, pH balance, vitamins & mineral deficiency.
  8. Herbs and spices that have medicinal and therapeutic properties like anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, assists toxin removal and increase blood circulation.
  9. Simple graphical charts to find mood & brain friendly foods, nutritional values and fiber content in specific fruits, vegetables, nuts and Acid/Alkaline content in various foods.
  10. You can learn to cook over 175 foods items based on proven recipes
  11. Learn to cook the traditional, ancient, Indian staple meal.
  12. Learn to make – Vegetarian Delights – recipes for making fresh vegetable curry dishes, rice pilaf, dal and lentil soups.
  13. Learn to make – sprouts, wheat grass, yogurt, paneer (soft-cheese), ghee, salad dressings, raitas & chutneys (spicy dips) at home.
  14. Learn to make – Raw vegetables and fruit salads
  15. Learn to make – Miracle Raw food and vegitable juices
  16. Learn to make – Deserts and Sweet Delights using natural sweetners
  17. A comprehensive glossary to find English names for Indian words or vice-versa for Cereals, Dairy, Dry fruits, Herbs, Pulses, Spices, Vegetables, Fruits etc.
  18. To help you start on your vegetarian cooking, we have provided list of websites to locate an Indian grocery stores in your neighborhood or city.

This book is self published, with the help and support of many minds, Scientist, Doctors, Nutritionist, Ayurveda and Yoga experts, Health Professionals, Chefs, Grandmas, Aunts, Photographers, Design Artists, etc. Their suggestions have been woven together to present an innovative approach to Health, Healing and Happiness in this book “Healing Foods & Vegetarian Cooking”.

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