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Pilgrimage to Self

Pilgrimage to Self




Pilgrimage to Self- 8.5″X11″ – 80 pages – is a collection of 23 poems that takes you on a journey of self-discovery and reveals the Pathway to sustainable Happiness.

Begining with ‘Samwad’ a Dialogue, you embark on a seven step journey. Jinendra prepares you for Right Understanding, explores Life and Existence, Leads you toward discovering True Self through your deeper Understanding, Self-Observation, Power of Awareness and Enlightenment through Silence. The ‘Failure of Wisdom’ reminds you of human follies, in this journey. The last poem ‘Farewell’ compassionately nudges you to take this journey yourself.

The other sections are Elixir of wisdom, Jinendra’s short intro-Biography, glossary, Jinendra Speaks- a collection of articles, and FAQ’s on Meditation

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