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Divine Heart Meditation

Divine Heart Meditation

Divine Heart Meditation

NOTE : ONLY Offered at Center For Sustainable Happiness Locations.

This practice invites Love & Light into one’s heart and life. DHM is a great way to jump-start one’s day with a direct-dial connection to one’s Divinity! Everyday is an opportunity to discover Love afresh. During DHM, our awareness shifts from mundane to divine. It’s so simple. The process does not require any conscious thinking or keeping awareness of breath or chanting any mantra or sacred word. One experiences an awareness of loving heart and gratitude after doing DHM.

DHM allows your thoughts to remain in your divine Heart center and function in the world. You live in the medium of divine light, the light of truth within. DHM prepares us to develop our fullest potential- &live from the heart in all our actions. DHM allows you to enter quietly into your true nature, releasing you from noose of your habitual anxious grasping and anxious self.

Meditators of DHM Say:

I am so grateful for ALL the abundance in my life because of my regular sittings of DHM practice.

Now I experience an awakening in my heart & such an uplifting positive outlook.
Without any conscious efforts, my response to unfavorable situations in daily life has changed by itself.

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