Divine Cleansing Meditation - Center for Sustainable Happiness

Divine Cleansing Meditation

Divine Cleansing Meditation

Divine Cleansing Meditation

NOTE : ONLY Offered at Center For Sustainable Happiness Locations.

This meditation invites Love & Light to remove the negativism, impurities, darkness and grossness from one’s mind and heart. We know that in every moment of our waking day, our thoughts and experiences – whether negative or positive – registers in our memory. So, just like garbage when not attended to, our negative thoughts and fears pile up & eventually create sickness, mental stagnation & splintered thinking. DCM takes care of cleaning the garbage from our body, mind and heart. DHM & DCM, a simple, direct meditation practices lays the foundation upon which Sustainable Happiness grows.

Meditators of DCM Say:
The practice of DHM & DCM IS life changing!

Meditating regularly has changed What I think to How I think.

The result of DHM-DCM is I am happier than I ever was!

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