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General Principles of Living

             General Principles of Living

Live in truth. Let the ‘inside’ reflect ‘outside’.

Genuine Affection is the most powerful force in the world.

‘Learn to Learn’ by being Alert, Aware and Watchful, especially when with little children, animals nature. They are my teachers in the Art-of-Living.

Look at sunrise and sunsets; smell the air and flowers; listen to the birds; touch the people I care; taste life. Everything I need is right here for me.

Take responsibility for meeting my own needs but also of others dependent on me. But I will not do it in ways that keep others from meeting theirs.

I always forgive others and myself. We’re all doing the best we can to find our way through this jungle of life.

I Live by Universal Values. Others may think they know what is best for me, but I must remember I am the one who has to live with the consequences of my thoughts and actions.

Don’t reduce the ‘spiritual’ to ‘material’ or vice-versa. Only a ‘true mystic’ can be a ‘true materialist’ as well.

I Listen and observe my body. I do not see it as an object, but a ‘Dynamic Process’. It’s the best teacher I have now.

We tend to imitate those around us without being aware of it. Shouldn’t I Keep company of ‘right’ people?

Visions are dynamic until I have self-knowledge. So why be dogmatic about my Vision. My visions are like dreams. Life is exciting when I am pursuing my dreams — I feel I can do and have almost anything I really want.

I learn from my failures and I am not afraid to fail often. An error does not become a mistake unless I refuse to correct it.

Life isn’t fair, but it isn’t unfair either. Be proactive. Movement is the key to change and life itself.

MMM- Mistrust leads to Mistrusting Mistrust.  Self-mistrust is root cause of fear, anxiety and guilt.

Our attitudes to ourselves can change the way things are.

 Be nice to others. I may be ‘The Other’ someday.         


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