CQ – Who am I?

CQ- Who am I?
The desires don't necessarily motivate everybody in the same way. How we fulfill these desires thru RELATIONSHIPS, WORK, FAMILY, SPORTS, and SPIRITUALITY will vary from person to person. We all have the Potential to fulfill our basic desires through each of theses areas of life. Basic desires are genetically determined. We consciously do not choose what we want from life, our deepest desires arise automatically, and as soon as we satisfy one of them we automatically experience another one.
As you go through the process of introspection and answering the questions in section 1,2 & 3, I am hopeful you will also have started on a journey of self-discovery, increased clarity and some more understanding that will help make right choices in life.

Do NOT THINK to answer these, simply write a short one line sentence of whatever springs in your mind as u read each word:








Focus on your current, present life (do not focus on future) and select the importance by choosing either V, A or L against each of the following Desires (or Motivation) in your current, present life.

V - Very Important
A - Average Importance
L - Less Important

Desire/Motivation Importance Guideline to help your rating

1. Acceptance
Usually set easy goals for myself, am a quitter, cannot cope with criticism
OR lot of self confidence, handle criticism better then others, don't get unduly upset.
2. Order
Noticeably more organized, many rules you make and try to follow religiously, enjoy cleaning up
OR office/workplace is a mess and hate planning.
3. Savings
You are a collector, miser, and tight with money
OR free spender, rarely save anything.
4. Honor
Known as highly principled person, loyal person
OR believe everyone is out for himself, don't care much about morality.
5. Idealism
Make personal sacrifices for social or humanitarian cause, repeatedly offer time for community service,make repeatedly generous donations to needy
OR pay little attention to happening in society at large don't believe in charity.
6. Social Contact
Feel need to be around people to be happy, known as fun loving person
OR private person, hate parties, do not care much about other people except for family and close friends.
7. Family
Raising children is essential to my happiness, compared to other parents you spend more time with children
OR being parent is burdensome, have abandoned child.
8. Status
Almost always want to buy best, most expensive things, buy things to impress people, spend great time in trying to join and maintain membership of prestigious clubs
OR usually don't care what most people think of you, significantly less impressed with wealth and not impressed by upper-class status.
9. Vengeance
Trouble controlling anger, aggressive, love to compete, spent lot of time seeking revenge
OR slow to feel anger compared to most people, look other-way when insulted or offended, dislike competitive situations.
10. Romance
Spend unusual more time then others in pursuit of romance, long history of sex with many people, trouble controlling sexual urges, spend more time appreciating beauty
OR hardly think about sex or pursuing it, think that sex is disgusting.
11. Eating
Spend unusual time in eating or dieting compared to your age group people
OR never had weight problem, rarely eat more than you should.
12. Physical Activity
Exercised regularly all your life, playing sport is part of life
OR have history of being physically lazy, have sedentary lifestyle.
13. Tranquility
I agree to at least 2 of these: 1) scares me when I am shaky 2) scares me when my hearts beats rapidly 3) embarrasses me when my stomach growls, have history of recurring panic attacks, generally fearful and timid
OR are a brave person, noticeably few fears compared to peers.
14. Power
Highly ambitious, seek leadership, dominate situations in peer group
OR less ambitious, generally submissive in social situations.
15. Independence
Usually resist advice & guidance from others, self reliance is important for happiness
OR More devoted to wife and children, you dislike being on your own.
16. Curiosity
Thirst for knowledge, you ask lot of questions, you think a lot about what is true
OR dislike intellectual activity, rarely ask questions.

Sequentially select the desires to indicate the most significant to least significant to achieve your goals in life.
Note : Make sure there is no error of repeating the choice.

Most Significant Choice No 1

Next Significant Choice No 2

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Least Significant Choice No 16

What are some of the "Worthwhile Goals in MY LIFE" that I would like to achieve?

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