3S-User Comments & Remarks

Teachers from various schools like Crestwood, Thoreau, Sandburg, Shorewood, Emerson, Mendota, Lindberg, etc.

‘3S seems to be a great way to give kids a break and also a refocus. I observed a classroom community -everyone involved in the same activity, so calm and focused!’

‘3S can be incorporated into daily classroom routines. It’s an easy training system. I can see how effective it is during my visit to classrooms.’

‘3S makes a great deal of sense! I saw cooperative and enthusiastic student participation.’

‘I saw children enjoying 3S. It gave them focus during transition time. It works!.’

’3S uses positive language; the series of movements is easily brought into classroom throughout the school day, and there is a strong community-building component in 3S classrooms.’

‘I am impressed with 3S in classrooms- children engaged, smiling teachers encouraging and engaged, crossing midline idea and brain engagement- great!’

‘I saw in 3S classrooms a community sense, ownership, high self-esteem and leadership.’

‘I experienced the power of 3S in the effectiveness of it’s innovative movement, breathing, relaxation incorporated in simple and fun way, that it brings calm and focus in classroom.’

The children were so engaged in mind-body activities and they were so positive and happy on a Monday morning, 3S is a great idea!’

‘I saw how easy 3S is to incorporate in classroom. Kids love 3S exercises and are so happy!’

I was very impressed with how well the students interacted. An obvious respect for each other was demonstrated.’

‘I observed a strong community spirit and empowerment for students in 3S classrooms.’

‘Wow! such an effective and simple system for classroom behavior. I observed it being applied in so many different school environments and incorporated in daily classroom routines.’

‘The students love 3S. It’s surprising to see kids asking teachers if we are going to do 3S-Jinendra’s today!’

I noticed that students were able to use the calming exercises when they needed to relax.’

‘Students seemed respectful and ready to learn. I saw quiet, focused, cooperative students. A very calm classroom setting. I liked the dynamic aspect of 3S where one can modify each component easily, including the when, where and how long to use it. 3S methodology goes with the Eric Jensen’s-Teachings with the Brain in Mind’


‘A teacher shared how important 3S has been for her as it helped calm her down and now has more patience.’