Benefits of 3S Training

  1. 3S TRAINING : Doing a variety of exercise will encourage your muscles to move in new and different ways.
  1. 3S TRAINING : Are not only slightly challenging but allows you to create variation in workouts. It’s a good way to avoid burnout and stay motivated.
  1. 3S TRAINING : Many of the moves are designed and created from classical yoga, and they lead you to clarity and acceptance to your physical and emotional limitations. 3S gradually takes you beyond classical yoga and stretching into subtle breath awareness, breath regulation, and innovative healing and meditation techniques. They have been proven to reduce stress, lower BP, and enhance immunity.
  1. 3S TRAINING : can be easily adopted for building core strength, balance and flexibility while lying on mats (like Pilates TRAINING). Various TRAINING, stretches and strengthens your abdominal, back muscles and spine to realign and re-balance your body.
  1. 3S TRAINING : Specific movements are designed to cultivate and strengthen the Prana or Qi energy (similar to Qi Gong, Tai Chi). The slow, rhythmic, smooth, fluid, gentle, meditative ‘Self-empowerment’ TRAINING bring your body-mind, and spirit into harmony.
  1. 3S TRAINING : Has series of subtle movements designed to retrain your neuromuscular system. Regular practice helps you to let go of faulty inefficient postures and movements.
  1. 3S TRAINING : are good for any person, even for executives, professionals, dancers, athletes, musicians or actors. They help patients in recovery rooms, suffering from cardiovascular, arthritis, upper and lower body muscular problems,stress and blood pressure.
  1. 3S TRAINING : can be done anywhere, anytime and needs no special equipment. Many of the TRAINING can be done in bed, in bathroom, in kitchen, in classroom or office, in the plane / train / non-moving car, in your hotel room, hospital or even shopping mall.
  1. 3S TRAINING : are fun, simple, easy and self empowering. You will look and feel fabulous. After doing them you feel energetic and happy. You will have increased energy levels, confidence and independence.
  1. 3S TRAINING : even a 20 minute workout does a lot for any person. Always do ‘Super-Charge Tune up Training” (approx. 10 min.) and then mix and match from Tranquility Training and Tension Taming, ending with few Serenity and Rejuvenation TRAINING.
  1. 3S TRAINING : Regularly doing one of the 5 “Self-Empowerment” TRAINING, before going to bed every-night will empower you with self-esteem, courage, vision, and being fearless.