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Become a Volunteer
(Yes, you can be our Ambassador of Happiness)

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    Have you ever attended any 3S programs with Jinendra?

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    Do you have any suggestion for reaching out to various communities around your locality?

    Give suggestions – How Jinendra can support individuals and groups?

    Which of the following activities and ideas from below are of interest to you?

    1. I am interested in Free/sponsored Programs for:

      • 3S Programs in Schools Least InterestSome InterestMost Interest

      • Please also contact following Schools/communities/persons

      • Free Community classes Least InterestSome InterestMost Interest

      • Please contact Me or following persons

      • Your Suggestions & Notes for organizing and reaching out to more people around your locality

    2. I am interested in Individual and Group classes – 3S-The Smart Science of Sustainable Happiness Classes

    3. Daily ClassesWeekly ClassesMonthly Classes

      Your Suggestions and Notes:

    4. I am interested in Community Programs

    5. 3S Interventions for Businesses

      3S for Parents / Teachers

      3S for neighborhood children

      3S for Hospitals

      3S for women empowerment

      3S for senior citizens

      Other :

      Your suggestions and Notes:

    6. Volunteering: I would love to contribute and be part of this volunteer-group?

    7. Hosting Jinendra (home stay)

      Host a class / gathering

      Host office / Meeting place

      Host community programs

      Setting up classes / locations

      Communications /newsletters

      Office Support / mailings

      Write Publicity Articles

      Administration of group

      Treasurer / book-keeping

      Creating Non-profit status

      Grant writings and writing proposals

      Financial support/fundraising

      Volunteering for specific program

      PR / Marketing

      Other :

      Your suggestions and NOTES:

    8. Please indicate your choice:

    9. My services & offerings are love donation.

      I would be interested in earning ‘3S-Time Bucks’ for my volunteer time to exchange for 3S Courses / Classes.


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