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ACE Meditation

ACE Meditation

AUM Circle of Enlightenment

The unique depth of this ACE experience comes from the sacred geometry of the ACE, the delicate layering of ingredients that stimulate the imagination: silence, art, ACE walks, journaling, and music. Of particular note is the ‘S’ Walk, where one uses hand bells on the ACE, which to some translates into illumination at the ACE Circle.

ACE walk for each person is a personal experience. How one walks and what one receives differs with each walk. Some people use the walk for clearing the mind and centering. Others enter with a question or concern.

The time in the center can be used for receiving, reflecting, meditating, or praying, as well as discovering your own sacred inner space. Your walk can be very healing or you may have a very profound experience or it can simply be a pleasant walk. Each time is different.

ACE is truly a sacred place. The design itself is inherently powerful. The space and the experience of walking it are also very sacred and powerful and help us feel a greater sense of Oneness. It is a tool for people of all beliefs to come together for a common spiritual experience.

In our increasingly hectic times, we seldom take a moment to stop and reflect on what is happening in our personal lives. We often overlook what needs attention due to lack of time and living a stress-filled lifestyle.

Come, experience the self healing power of AUM circle. Walking the AUM circle at a retreat setting simply enriches everything. This retreat into nature brings you out from the tumult of daily life. There are no telephones, no television, no beepers, and no computers,” says Jinendra. “There’s a real seamless quality of life to be experienced. You’re not somewhere; you are continually there, where the Divine presence is felt.”

Come, give yourself the gift of AUM’s energy.

Come, experience AUM’s healing power.

Come, seek inspiration, if you are discerning the next step in your life.

Come, explore your soul and get insights and deeper knowledge of yourself and the Divine

Come, if you wish to cross an invisible threshold in your life.

Come, allow yourselves to be guided by the Spirit, discover new patterns for your life’s work that helps guide you along your personal pathway.

Jinendra Swami, creator of the ACE meditation (AUM Circle of Enlightenment) and author of Pilgrimage to Self, will lead us during this program. Through lecture and discussion, small group sharing, partaking in meals, and walking the AUM to the enchanting music weaving into our natural, prayerful rhythm, you can allow time for deep reflection, and make room once again, for the Divine mystery.

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