3S-The science behind 3S

ME-BE-RE-The Science behind 3S

The Science Behind


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3S uses and applies more dynamic, more tactile, more proprioceptive, more vestibular based movement exercises, that are enjoyable and brings the Body-Mind back together.

3S training is designed, to allow you to learn skills aimed at changing your brain, similar to the exercises you do to change your body. When you learn a new motor skill, your perception changes and you see the world differently. You understand actions differently.

Brain is a ‘Distributed Intelligence’ similar to INTERNET. For example planning, reason, rationality happens in cortical areas (new brain),where as emotion, irrationality, habits are experienced in limbic system (old Brain). Positive Emotions are processed in left hemisphere; and negative emotions are processed in right hemisphere.

3S training is a brain changing activity. It affects physical, mental, and emotional aspects of functioning. Regular practice make the two brain hemispheres more balanced, limbic system shows less activity, whereas the pre-frontal cortex, the brain region involved in focus and attention show greater activity.

3S exercises are designed for ‘Neurogenesis’ and activation of EDRC-The Effort Driven Reward Circuit. 3S training involve tasks that are complex, challenging, engaging, entertaining and fun, so they help boost brain power through neurogenesis, decrease negative emotions and increase positive emotions.

3S training is a practical, physiological, and experiential based training to manage our ANS. The (ANS) Autonomic nervous system comprises of two control systems the PNS and SNS. The(PNS) parasympathetic nervous system is the automatic control system which controls temperature, endocrine function, breathing, pleasure etc. The (SNS) sympathetic nervous system controls the Fight or Flight response to any stress. The Hypothalamus in the brain is the integrating center for (ANS) Autonomic Nervous system.3S training trains a person to engage ‘PNS’(Parasympathetic Nervous System) – that relieves anxiety, relaxes , quiets the mind and helps with focus and attention. Specific 3S breathing technique restrains neurons involved in ‘Flight &Fight-the SNS’ (Sympathetic nervous system) response. It is all about calming the body and brain. Any person can learn to master emotions.

3S Training helps tweak your motor maps, body-maps and touch-maps through Balance, Proprioception, Vision, Posture and Movement.

3S uses and applies variety of intentional movements. 3S has more dynamic, more tactile, more proprioceptive, more vestibular based movement exercises, that are enjoyable and brings the Body-Mind back together.

3S let’s you experience the body Inside-Out. It lets you overcome your body-blindness gradually, by series of proprioception and balance exercises, designed to trigger minute neuromuscular responses. You learn to connect your entire body to the required movement as you sense and feel each muscle fiber and it’s neuromuscular response.

3S provides a powerful entry into the Body-Schema Repair via stimulation of the Vestibular Cortex. The attention, focus and body balance during the 3S exercises, repairs your Body-Schema and re-calibrates your Body-Maps.

Language Affects the Body-Maps: 3S applies‘ special word sounds’ When you loudly say the word ‘KICK’ it activates the leg areas in your brain, ‘LICK’ will activate tongue area.

Body and Mirror Neurons (MN) in your Brain are the foundational source of meaning. The meaning you give, not just to words and actions, but even the meaning of things you learn through your eyes, ears and bodily experience. Example: Newborns do not talk, but if you stick your tongue out, they stick it out too. (NOTE: Research shows that both adults and children pick-up how one reacts o adversity or happiness and reflect it in their own brain due to MN, there by children absorb and learn from parents and their environment).

3S training makes you experientially aware that your emotional problems stem from, what other people say or do. 3S creates understanding of how your beliefs and emotional states come into being and how your Mirror Neurons (MN) reflect and mirror the world causing you grief and pain.