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Spiritual Glossary

Glossary of Spiritual words 

‘WORDS-VAULT‘ is a good example for converting half a chance into a full-growth opportunity. The leap that a pole-vaulter gets using the pole, an intelligent seeker can get such a ‘LEAP’ to launch himself, in the realm of perceptions with the WORDS-VAULT. This leap is from the prosaic known to the transcendent UNKNOWN! Words are surely the way for us human beings to understand. Whereas, realization is ONLY when one knows, as to when and how to emerge free of ‘words’. Let not words become burden for us, even if they are spiritually loaded ones! As in pole-vaulting, the pole is useful only to launch us above the hurdle-mark. At the right moment one has to let go of the pole, otherwise the whole efforts gets faulty. Let us handle the spiritual words, as the successful pole-vaulter handles the pole!

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