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Secret Of Supreme Bliss

Secret Of Supreme Bliss

Can we find ‘ParamShanti’ – the Supreme Bliss in our daily life? Isn’t Freedom or Liberation the pursuit of all our endeavors? To find the answer one must embark on the ‘Pilgrimage to Self’. It is a journey to go within and discover what is Life?, what is Love?, What is Ego? And what is self or Self? We cannot find Self directly, the journey first brings us to a perception of what is this Ego, which leads to discovering Love, then this Love becomes the substratum of all our Actions upon which now Life flows unattached to all it’s creation. Discovering Self is an act of serendipity, and on discovering SELF, life turns spontaneous and naturally aligned with Universal Principles, for now the enlightened-one knows ….

What is LIFE?
L – Love
I – IS
F – For
E – Everyone and Everything

What is LOVE?
L – Living with
O – Others with
V – Vanquished
E – Ego

Then what is EGO?
E – Energy hiding
G – God from
O – Our-Self
Ego is the corrupted, the bad energy within us when we are not in LOVE Centeredness.

How do we live with this LOVE Centeredness?
To be exuberant, joyous and carefree you must practice persistently, constantly and diligently the 3 principles of living with “LOVE” centeredness. You must “DARE” to live the Yoga way of life. You must inculcate these 3 rare combinations of qualities. DARE means to “have the courage”… … but let me share a little deeper meaning hidden in those alphabets that make the word DARE.
D – Defenselessness
Live with Vulnerability in your life. Don’t worry about protecting your ego.
A – Acceptance
Accept the Reality of this MOMENT. Be present to the NOW.
R – Responsibility
Responsibility means not blaming anything or anyone for our situation, including ourselves.
E – Ecstasy
The Effortless Ease of Existence. Experience the Ecstasy of life. Only when we DARE we shall experience the life flowing with effortless ease.

Let me share a little story on how to live our life.

We all know what a Persian wheel is. Persian wheel is used to draw water from well. Once upon a time, in a small village, some villagers were operating the Persian wheel. A traveler took his horse to the well for a drink, but the animal unused to the noise of the wheel, shied away. So, the horseman asked the villagers to stop the noise. They looked with puzzlement at this horseman, but complied with his request and stopped the wheel. Now you know, of course the water stopped flowing and there was no water for the horse to drink.

“I asked you to stop the noise not the water”, complained the horseman. The villager replied, “Sir, if you want your horse to drink the water, you will have to coax him to drink despite the noise.” So must we learn to experience God the midst of All the Noise in our daily life, amidst all our trials, tribulations and Joy.

We must Practice Acceptance.
Most of our obstacles are the result of our own actions- the consequences of which we must face in the form of our present situations and trials.

We must take Responsibility for our situations.
We must know that we are not at the mercy of our past ACTIONS. The present is more potent then the past. Past actions are less portent then what we do NOW.

Greater awareness and self-knowledge is the key to New Perceptions.
We have to break loose of our past pattern of perceiving which keeps God hidden from us … … may you all learn to see god in your daily life through Vision Inspired Actions.

As you read this today, let us unite in the spirit of peace, remembering that we are all beings with the power to love Let us take a moment to center ourselves in that place within, where we can feel our divinity. There is a sacred sanctuary within. When we go there we feel free, completely loving and joyful. When we go there we feel divinely connected to each other and to the Universe. This is the goal of JIN Yoga and Meditation.

May all of you enjoy Real peace, Real happiness, and Real harmony

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