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Mudras for Healing

Mudras for Healing




This booklet is a short introduction to various aspects of healing through Mudras. With 41 photographs and details instruction on how to do each specific mudras and it’s benefits. It teaches you 41 different hand positions and breathing for healing various types of illnesses, balancing energy, increasing vitality, concentration, happiness, overcoming fear, depression, and increasing immunity and decreasing allergy.

Specific gestures formed by touching or pressing our fingers to each other in a  particular fashion, are called Mudras. They can be used for Healing and Mind Management.

3S Special Mudras are based on the unique amalgamation of ancient wisdom combining knowledge of physiology, nervous system, nerve channels (nadis), universal life-force (Prana), and the science of  elements.

We have about 4000 nerve endings at the tips of our fingers. Electromagnetic and Bio-energy is constantly emitted from our finger tips.  Mudras are like remote control switches for managing various emotions and mind state.

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