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Coach and Trainer

Coaching must always be done on a one-to-one basis. The student and coach intersect and question each other.

Training is in Group and the trainer controls the content.

Although they are distinct activities, training and coaching can work well when used together. One obstacle encountered in corporate education is the difficulty of transferring skills and enthusiasm from a training course to the workplace. Coaching can be an excellent way of helping people to apply what they learn from a training course and incorporate it into their day-to-day work.

Coach and Counselor

Coaching and counseling share many core skills and both of these activities are one-to-one conversations; however, their tone and purpose are very different:

  1. Coaching addresses workplace performance, whereas counseling usually addresses personal issues.
  2. The goal for coaching is targeted at improving an individual’s performance at work, whereas with counseling the aim is to help the person understand and identify the root cause of their long-term performance problem or work issue.
  3. Coaching an individual in corporations implies there are other stakeholders who are interested and who need that person to develop the required skill or competency. These stakeholders may be co-workers, customers or suppliers. Counseling can address psychological and social issues that are affecting a person’s own performance.

Coach and Mentor

They are both one-to-one conversations. A Mentor is usually a more senior person with high experience than the  person being mentored and this enables them to share experience and dispense advice.

In contrast, a coach does not typically pass on experience or give advice, but rather uses questions and feedback to facilitate the coachee’s thinking and practical learning.


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