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FAQ’s Of Meditation

What is meditation?
Is meditation same as relaxation, thinking, concentration or self-hypnosis?
Are there different meditation techniques?
Which meditation is right for me?
Is meditation a religion?
Do I have to follow any ethical codes for meditation?
How do I approach meditation? Any guidelines?
How to Begin my daily meditation?
How to end my daily meditation
What is the best time to meditate?
How long should I meditate?
Can I do meditation without music?
Can I keep my eyes open while I meditate?
Do I have to meditate everyday?
How do I bring meditation in my daily life?
What are the physical and Psychological benefits of meditation?
Can meditation help destroy our cravings and desires?
What about some physical pain in my body during meditation? What should I do?
Can meditation help someone in Pain and can it reduce suffering?
How to Manage Pain?
What do you mean by ‘Centering’ or ‘Grounding’?
What do you mean by living from the ‘Heart Center’ (chakra)?
How does Meditation really work?
Actually, can you explain what really happens in meditation?
Why is Happiness so Illusive? How does one achieve it?
Can meditation bring Happiness in my life?
Does meditation develop Compassion?
Do I need a meditation teacher?
What is Sanskaras?

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