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Serenity Garden- Dr. Jinendra’s Workshop

Date: Starting 1 January 2024 – Every Saturday OR Sunday.

Happiness Makeover workshop 

Experientially Learn and Teach yourself to be happy everyday

3S-S.m.a.r.t Science of Sustainable Happiness

Discover the missing link in your Body-Mind complex and learn how you can create sustainable Happiness in your life. Dr. Jinendra has a way of integrating various current researches in Brain-science with his own expertise in Yoga, Pranayama, Mudras, Meditation, food & Nutrition, and Ayurveda


SESSION 1 :    Every Week- Saturday  9:15 am -to- 10:45 am
3S-Tension Taming & Serenity Training:
Perfect way to unwind, rejuvenate and start your workday with gentle movements, stretching and deep relaxation. This practice helps to calm your hyper-alert nervous system and bring a sense of calmness to mind and body. This workshop will introduce you to 2 proven and effective meditation, the ‘Serenity Meditation’ and ‘Journey into Consciousness’.

SESSION 2:  Every Week- Sunday   9:15 am -to- 10:45 am
3S-Breathe for Happiness:
(Harnessing positive molecules of Emotions):
Using movement and powerful Pranayama (breath) techniques, this Rejuvenating and Restorative 3S- workshop is designed to release deeply rooted tension, negative feelings, lack of enthusiasm, loneliness and fear. The training helps change your brain’s chemistry, to remove the busyness and chatter of the nervous system, and create happy feeling. This workshop introduces you to Twin Meditation the ‘Divine Heart Meditation’ and the ‘Divine Cleansing Meditation’.

NOTE: Private sessions with Dr. Jinendra
Sign-up for a 1:1 personal counseling and guidance on specific Mind-Body issues. These sessions are 1:1 and begins with a short evaluation session followed by specifically designed practice to meet the student at their level of flexibility and comfort- No pain, Yes gain is the mantra for the STM-therapeutic private sessions.

Registration Compulsory –   Contact: Jinendra

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