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Harnessing positive molecules of Emotions

Harnessing positive molecules of Emotions

Harnessing positive molecules of Emotions

NOTE : ONLY Offered at Center For Sustainable Happiness Locations.

Discover the missing link in our Body-Mind complex and how you can create sustainable Happiness in your life.

We experience and feel many different emotions in our everyday life. Emotions are automatic physiological response to a stimulus, but feelings are created by our perceptions. We cannot change emotion but we can change how we feel.

The feelings and attitudes of a person have a very definite impact on his/her body and mind. A leading molecular biologist Candace Pert in her research on Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), concluded that:

When you are feeling positive and blissful, there is a higher level of endorphins in the blood and immune systems. Endorphins are hormones that are related to health and well-being. When you are stressed and feeling negative, there is a high level of cortisol in the blood. Cortisol are hormones that are related to coronary problems, high blood pressure and many other illnesses and ill-health. Current research concludes, emotion happens simultaneously in the head and body. Emotions are molecules and exist in real, concrete, biological form. In this course you will learn how to harness the molecules of emotions to create Sustainable Happiness.

Jinendra has a way of integrating various current researches with his own expertise as an exercise in, living life as fully as possible. Mind doesn’t dominate body, it becomes body – with 3S training the body and mind are one. The most powerful pharmacy on earth is the human body. By consciously engaging in choices that promote better health and positive emotions, you can awaken that internal pharmacy. You will experientially self-discover that 3S smart science of Sustainable Happiness with its unique training like – “Supercharge Tune-up, Tranquility Training, Tension Taming, Serenity Training, Self Empowerment Training, Breath & Emotions, Mudras and self-healing”, transforms you to a be partner in your own wellness for life.


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