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Breath for health and healing

7 Types of breath

Introduction :

Current research confirms a direct relationship between breathing (lung function), overall health, longevity, emotions, and Happiness. Healthy breathing is not just a matter of the oxygen / carbon dioxide balance or other biochemical processes in the body, but is also related to the free, spontaneous rhythms and movements of breathing in our muscles, fascia, bones, organs, fluids, brain, spine and energy channels (Chakras / Meridians).

To sit, stand, move, sense, think, feel, perceive, act, and vocalize in ways that support healthy breathing, you need to increase your internal awareness and your ability to experience the sensations and energies of the body both at rest and in movement.You become aware of how abnormal and unnecessary tension in your mind and body constrict your breath and affect your health.

There is not ‘one set’ of breathing exercises or practices that is appropriate for everyone. One must learn by self experience the correct breathing for management of emotions and health.

The “wisdom of the body” is such that a change in one part of your self, especially a change in breathing, often brings about unexpected changes in other parts as well – all in the name of homeostasis; the tendency in living organisms to maintain a state of chemical, physiological, emotional and mental equilibrium.

Seven basic categories of Breathing

3S exercises utilize the special postures, movements, sounds, Mudra, touch, and attention to achieve the desired results by maintaining awareness both during & just after a practice. It gives your brain & nervous system time to integrate both the actions & the results of the action into your breathing patterns.

3S Exercises combine a number of different ways to work with breath.:


1. Stimulated Breath  

2. Resonance Breath 

3. Being Breath 

4. Modulated Breath 

5. Motion Breath3S Sitting Postures Exercises 

6. Postural Breath 

7. Healing / Imaginary Breath 


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