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Mercedes Warrick is The Intuitive CEO™ at The Achievement Sanctuary™. A corporate level marketing and communications executive who now teaches people to live and lead at the speed of ZEN! Through programs like: The Success Trust™ and The Soul Inspired Tune Up™ she is intuitively guiding business professionals, emerging entrepreneurs, coaches, and spiritual visionaries to move pass their outer egos to ignite their soul guided inspiration for life, work, brand identity and products. The Soul Inspired Tune Up™ Visionscapes® The Success Trust™ 9 Breaths for Conscious Living yogainfo For event information

The Soul Inspired Business

Dear Swami Jinendra:

Thank you for the time you spent teaching me.

My purpose in studying with you was to connect with a teacher for me. Quite simply someone I could hear and learn from.

As this newest personal transition occurs it is requiring more of my internal self than I could have imagined. So what did I learn: You gave me a way to check and to calibrate my internal self through breath movement and contemplation. This combination tool – humming, forceful breath, and the dynamic mudra meditation is excavating a deep place. You gave me a way to expand awareness of my emotional truths. To keep myself cleansed and cleared through the clearing technique which is a new process for me.

Your language and the way you express the concept of Happy, Love, Ego were new.

The elephant, the rider and the Self thank you for your unique way of making the brain less mysterious and complicated. And…… I remembered!

I am currently launching my business so your way of expressing the business and how to consider communicating to student was valuable and very appreciated. I had started a process with a business marketing coach that is simplifying my processes and offerings. So, to be exposed to you – to see your process – how it is communicated – and the tools that you have designed was great!

The new science of Happiness – is a tremendous process. (you should trademark the name if possible!) It is demystifying the real biological processes that lead us to be empowered about our moods, health and life. While through other training I had been exposed to similar exercises, scientific models etc. you are allowing the process to become part of the mainstream.

You are bringing eastern thinking to the West and the language has been adapted so that it is easily accepted and understood. My personal goal is to be able to express the benefits of East-meets-West too. Tai Chi Easy by Roger Jahnke – Yogatsu by Alice Percy Strauss and now this exposure to your methods/thinking all help with this endeavor. I love your practical paradigm that everything can be explained through the triggers in the brain.

The most important thing for me was to return to be challenged in my thinking, to be graced with the stories of your experiences and to be taught and reminded of the centered Self, the Internal Self, the Self that doesn’t change because of the circumstances, emotions, or people around us. It was a very graceful reminder to honor the Self, and as a true teacher does, you released me to be accountable to myself.

Travel well. Looking forward to seeing you when you return to Las Vegas!

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