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3S for schools

Jinendra’s 3S- SMART Learning system- uses and applies more dynamic, more tactile, more proprioceptive, more vestibular-based body¬≠ oriented strategies. They are enjoyable, simple & easy to learn and brings the Body-Mind back together. It is experiential, dynamic, and self-experiential learning process.

Benefits of 3S training

  • 3S is about accessing the brain to change it from negative to positive state.
  • 3S incorporates knowledge and relationship between attention and emotion.
  • 3S helps to Shift from in-attention to attention and focus.
  • 3S helps to Shift brain from disinterest to interest.
  • 3S builds new positive neurons circuits.
  • 3S provides strong stimulus to rewire the brain.
  • 3S improves cognitive function.
  • 3S provides positive happy experiences to keep the Brain thriving.
  • 3S provides, knowledge, skills and confidence to participate in wellness  enhancing physical activity.
  • 3S dynamic exercises stimulates the brain because of its intentional movement.
  • 3S Incorporates latest brain research and provides variation, repetition and self exploration.
  • 3S exercises creates a relaxed, energetic, focused and attentive mind.
  • 3S provides social benefits by bringing students, teachers and parents together.
  • 3S nurtures happy individuals.
  • 3S nurtures self control.
  • 3S nurtures friendship.
  • 3S nurtures physical mental and emotion well being.
  • 3S creates enriched learning environment.


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