3S MUDRAs for Health & Healing

3S MUDRAs for Health & Healing

3S MUDRAs for Health & Healing

Learn over 20 Mudras.They are specific gestures made by Fingers & Palm position, to activate your bio-energy (Prana- the Life force). Mudras are like remote control switch for body’s energy centers (chakras). Mudras can be used; to balance and restore health & healing; rejuvenation; and manage mind and body energy.



Have you ever observed how your fingers are always in some form of gestures? Specific gestures formed by touching or pressing our fingers to each other in a particular fashion, are called Mudras and is used in Mudra Therapy for Health Management.

Learn to combine your knowledge of Prana, Chakras, Pranic Breathing, Mudra Pranayama, with Tatva yoga. This unique amalgamation of ancient wisdom, combines knowledge of physiology, nerve channels (nadis), Prana and the science of elements. The stress is on actual practice of several mudra exercises conducive for meditation and developing intuition, energy, gentleness, humbleness, fearlessness, improved concentration, vitality and joy.

The secret to good health is also in our own palms

Our body can be compared to a small universe. It represents the universe and like the universe, its constituents also include the five great elements (panch-mahabhoot) fire, earth, air, water and space and their combinations or compounds. The science of mudra is based on the principle that ‘the root cause of any disease is the imbalance and improper coordination between the five elements.

Mudras can relax, stimulate or balance our energy.

  •  We have about 4000 nerve endings at the tips of our fingers.
  • Electromagnetic & Bio-energy is constantly emitted from our    finger tips .
  • Mudras are like remote control switches for various energy  centers in our body.
  • Reaction (Craving or Aversion) – Past Sanskaras – Karma.
  • Mudras are like remote control switches for various energy centers in our body.
  • Through mudras we can influence and correct imbalance,  disproportion, pollution in these elements and their related  chakras.
  • With the help of mudra, transformation, dissolution, dissipation, and balancing in elements take place within our body.
  • Mudras activates Prana – the life force along with electro magnetic currents and flow of bio-energy within the body, which balances various constituting elements and restores health.
  • Mudra is your personal remote-control for harnessing prana and Bio-energy within your body for non- invasive self-healing.